Good morning everyone.

I'm sorry I'm not my usual self now that I've returned from summer vacation but. Yeah.

Loss is a hard thing to process, and you never know how it will affect you.

Someone passed and you've never seen them in person, had an interaction with them, but you knew them a little bit because their battle was public.

Rodion Amirov has died
Rodion Ruslanovich Amirov was born on October 2, 2001. He was 21 years old.

Three Maple Leafs passing have hit me hard. The first was Wade Belak. A father of young children like I was, a little older than myself, really hit me hard. Someone your own age passing affects you deeply, where you take stock and reflect on your experiences and life up to that moment.

Fallen Leafs Tribute Video
The Toronto Maple Leafs’ game production crew has often had their pre-game ceremonies compared unfavourably with franchises like the Montreal Canadiens. However, last night, prior to the beginning of their first preseason game against the Ottawa Senators the tribute video honouring the memories of f…

Johnny Bower wasn't unexpected, he lived his full life and was beloved for generations, despite many fans not being alive during his career. A long time ambassador for the team, he was kind to every fan he met and everyone who crossed paths with him had a story they loved to share.

Toronto Maple Leafs legend Johnny Bower passes at age 93
The Maple Leafs goalie, multiple cup winner, and ultimate team ambassador has died.

And, we have Rodian Amirov. My perspective of this comes from one of a father. My oldest is only 15, but losing someone just entering their adult life, with all of their potential ahead of them is something we never want to contemplate.

I feel proud of how the Maple Leafs organization supported him through his battles. Signing him to a contract, putting him on the bench for opening night. Medical support, emotional support, and everything you would want.

I hope everyone is doing well, and can find a way to enjoy their day today.

Do the best you can.