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Yesterday we received news that last season's back up goalie Matt Murray will not be playing with the team, and will be placed on Long Term Injured Reserve at the start of the season.

Please do not ask me about the Leafs cap in this situation. That is too much math for me, but it should help a little while not solving all of the teams problems.

Where the slide to LTIR leaves Matt Murray and the Maple Leafs
A resounding win for the Maple Leafs’ salary cap compliance will surely raise questions about the nature and severity of a Matt Murray injury that will sideline the goaltender indefinitely. Luke Fox takes a look at what Murray being placed on LTIR means for both parties.

So, with the assumed back up gone, this leaves the Maple Leafs with four options:

Use Joseph Woll, the highest ranking goalie after Samsonov as the back up, however he hasn't played more than 32 games a season in the AHL/NHL since turning pro. Last season he 21 games for the Marlies and 7 for the Leafs. Injuries have plagued him the past couple years.

Keith Petruzzelli has split time between the Marlies and the ECHL Newfoundland Growlers the past two seasons, but isn't a real option.

Same goes for the final goalie currently available, Dennis Hildeby. He played two AHL games last year but has spent all his time in Sweden before that.

If we look outside the Leafs, the current free agent goalie situation is a bit dire when it comes to NHL experience. Available goalies are Aaron Dell, Cory Schneider, Anton Khudobin, or former Marlies goalie Christopher Gibson.

A trade is also a possibility, but would see teams try to take advantage of the situation the Leafs are in.

You know who is available? Our old friend Michael Hutchinson.

Oh boy.

While the Leafs sort out their goalie drama, the NHLPA is having some of it's own as a fraud lawsuit between the association and a former employee continues.

Former NHL Players’ Association employee pursues confidential reports into alleged fraud at NHLPA | TSN
A former NHLPA employee, who alleges he was fired because he refused to keep quiet about a colleague who was allegedly defrauding the union of more than $100K, will argue in court today that the NHLPA should hand over all of its records and reports about the alleged fraud.

Leafs prospect Fraser Minten is heading to World Juniors camp.

2023-24 National Junior Team Summer Meetings Roster

A big signing took place, as sought after potential 2024 free agent Sebastian Aho signed an eight year extension with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Carolina Hurricanes sign Sebastian Aho to eight-year, $78 million contract extension | TSN
The Carolina Hurricanes have signed forward Sebastian Aho to an eight-year, $78 million contract extension with a $9.75 million cap hit.

This has led to many, many, many, arguments and discussions that turn into arguments about William Nylanders next contract and you will not hear that from me because it's the middle of summer and I'm not doing that.

Speaking of not doing that, look at the Top 25 stuff. Look at it.

T25U25 Ghost List
The Leafs began trading prospects and draft picks for roster players in 2016. This is the list of ghosts they gave away for short term gains.

Stop trying to make Erik Karlsson happen. It isn't going to happen.

2 Maple Leafs trade packages to consider for Sharks defenceman Erik Karlsson
The Toronto Maple Leafs are still in the Erik Karlsson sweepstakes. Wh…

Want to be a general manager? Sure you do.

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