Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Yesterday was locker clean out day, and we got some generic platitudes from the players but the real story was the talk with General Manager Kyle Dubas.

It was the most honest, least honed availability he's had since he took over running the Leafs and it left us with a few more questions than answers.

Is he staying? Is he going? Is he happy? Did he and Shanahan have a huge screaming match right before this? And why is Shanahan's availability later this week?

Kyle Dubas says it’s Toronto or nowhere
In a somewhat shocking turn, Kyle Dubas came out and said that he will either return as GM of the Leafs or he won’t be working anywhere. He said that this season has been taxing on him and his family, and they will discuss his future in the coming days.
Maple Leafs players face the press
All the player interview videos from the final media availability of the season.

Change is on the horizon, Leafs fans. Whether we want it or not.

Speaking of change we shared our thoughts on that...

PPPostseason Roundtable
We ask the big questions and give our best answers before we have any idea of what to base them on. As is tradition.

In the middle of all the talks, the Leafs announced signing a new prospect.

Vyacheslav Peksa signed to an ELC | PPP Leafs
Maple Leafs prospect Vyacheslav Peksa signed a three year ELC with Toronto after a stellar season in the Russian VHL as one of their top young goalies.

Luke Schenn loved being back.

These Maple Leafs are heading into free agency. Which ones will come back to Toronto?
Ryan O’Reilly, Luke Schenn and Michael Bunting among 10 players staring at unrestricted free agency. With limited cap space, Leafs face tough calls.

Man, I hope not.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are about to do something stupid
Unfortunately for GM Kyle Dubas, patience is not a thing in Toronto

There was only one game on last night, but it was a big one. The final second round game and the Dallas Stars beat the Seattle Kraken 2-1 to advance to the Western Conference Final.

Dallas Stars Beat Seattle Kraken, Advance to Western Conference Final
Roope Hintz and Wyatt Johnston score as the Stars took down the Kraken 2-1 in Game 7.

So our final four are:

Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers
Begins Thursday, May 18th

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights
Begins Friday, May 19th

Who is your Stanley Cup final match up?

I'm rooting for Vegas vs Florida. Really make those nationalist hockey fans mad.

On that note, enjoy the day!