I know it's the morning, and no one wants long rants so here's a fun cartoon.

That's right! The City of Calgary is helping some poor, poor, unfortunate millionaires build an arena for their plaything, and using hundreds of millions of dollars out of their budget to do so! Hurray!

Construction to start on new home of the Calgary Flames as event centre deal official | CBC News
A deal has officially been signed which will allow Calgary to move forward on construction of its new event centre – replacing the aging Saddledome — with construction slated to begin next year.
The arena is slated to cost $800 million, while other expenses, including surrounding infrastructure, bring total project costs close to $1.2 billion.
The city will be contributing $537 million to the project, while CSEC is putting forward $356 million.

And fun, the province is adding another $330 million! So they rich guys pay less than half the cost for their fun toy. Just so we know who is robbing the city and province of money that could be put to use for housing, education, healthcare, are:

N. Murray Edwards, an oil sands financier according to wikipedia and is worth $2.8 Billion.

Alvin G. Libin is another oil guy and owns private nursing homes! He's worth about $54 million.

Allan Markin is yet another oil guy, worth around $2 Billion.

There are others but I think getting through three guys who could very easily put their money into this and not lose sleep are enough.

"But Adam, the economic benefits!"

Yeah, here's the thing. If this was as great an investment as the people begging for money always say it is, wouldn't it be worth more to put all their own money in it and take 100% of the profits?

I am of two thoughts on this. 1) It's a lie. 2) It's true but why spend your own money when you can take someone else's?

So, good morning! Let's get on with some good news!

Nick Robertson! What's his deal?

What’s the problem with Nick Robertson?
If it was my call, Robertson would not start the regular season on the Maple Leafs roster. And from the latest lineup, it looks like the Leafs agree.

How is the pre-season going?

Breaking down the Maple Leafs preseason performances: Prospects, Marlies, & NHLers
Preseason is thankfully on the back nine, and the real NHL hockey is going to begin shortly. Before then, there will be roster cuts, potential signings (hello, Noah Gregor), and a trade is always possible. Not only are the Leafs still sorting through cap issues, but they have an extra goalie and oth…

Okay, that's a low blow. I'm not sure for who.

After basically becoming the Maple Leafs, nothing is off the table for Blue Jays
Unlike 2022, there is a freedom that should come with the way the Toronto Blue Jays were tossed aside in the American League wild-card series. Jeff Blair tells us why and what might happen next.

How are two people one thing?

Nick Kypreos: The Maple Leafs brought in their own version of the Bruise Brothers — the one thing they needed the most
The additions of Tyler Bertuzzi, Max Domi and Ryan Reaves bring an element the Leafs need more than anything, which should bring optimism to fans.

Oh, the Leafs played last night!

Pre-season Game 7 recap
The Maple Leafs played the Red Wings at home as we get closer to the regular season.

Stan Smyl has been working for the Vancouver Canucks for 45 years, and is taking steps back and towards retirement.

Canucks legend Stan Smyl to transition from hockey operations after 45 years
Vancouver Canucks legend Stan Smyl has decided to transition from his role within the team’s hockey operations department after spending 45 years as a player, coach, senior manager and leader in the unit.

Best of luck Stan!

Enjoy your day everyone!