While it’s mostly a formality at this point, yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators received provincial approval to host home games in the 2021 NHL season, which is good, because it would be hella awkward to reschedule stuff now. The Leafs also announced a televised scrimmage on Saturday, so we’ll get to see them in action tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, in matters of similar crucial importance:

Please leave your nomination for Maple Leafs dressing room DJ in the comments. I’m going with Joe Thornton, entirely for my own personal amusement, because he seems like he’d mostly listen to stuff that’s best enjoyed while high.

If you (like me) have been missing women’s hockey over the past year, the PWHPA is currently participating in a showcase in Tampa, playing USPHL teams. While the PWHPA All-Star team is limited to their American all-stars (sorry, Canada), the lineup features names like Brianna Decker, Hannah Brandt, Dani Cameranesi, and Amanda Kessel. The games are being streamed on HockeyTV, which does require making an account, but Saturday and Tuesday’s games are both free to watch.


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