This Sportsnet article about the resurgence of (happy, optimistic) Maple Leafs fandom in Toronto has some great quotes (Connor Carrick comparing Leafs fans to the British Empire—“we’re everywhere”—is especially apt), but none raised more questions in my mind than this quote from Kadri about autographs.

London, Ont.–born Kadri says he gets asked to Sharpie his name on everything: smartphone cases, babies, French fries….

“Yeah, I signed a French fry before. It was pretty weird,” Kadri says. “It was probably the worst autograph I’ve ever given to somebody in my life. I think they kept it. For all I know they could’ve eaten it or given it to someone else to eat. I did the best I could.”

Forget, for a moment, the question of why someone would want Nazem Kadri to autograph their French fry. I’m too caught up in the mechanics of it. Would Sharpie even work on a French fry? One would think the grease would get in the way. Where did the French fry come from? What shape was the fry? Are we talking one of those skinny McDonald’s cut fries, or something larger, like a steak fry? It has to be the latter, right?

I have so many questions about this incident. Where is the fry now? Is it on display in someone’s house? Was it preserved in some way? How do you preserve a French fry for posterity? Did someone eat it? If so, was it in an attempt to absorb some of Kadri’s power?

While I’m spending my morning musing over what type of arcane rituals were performed with that autographed French fry, I also collected some links for your Friday:

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