We’re creeping ever-closer to the intended start of training camps, and as Katya covered last night, there’s something approximating real news about the Phase 3 and 4 agreement. Along with details about who can go where, when, and why, we learned some other stuff, too:

Perhaps I’m biased, because I am of the disposition where running a NHL team’s social media already sounds like hell on earth, but is this really necessary? (I am aware that none of this is, actually, necessary, and yet it’s all happening anyway.) Would it be that impossible to run social media entirely remotely, or as Brigstew suggested in Slack, have one or two people per hub who can do anything that specifically needs doing on site—such as interviews—and then send that content to individual team staff off-site? Must we open up the torture further?

I hope that you all understand how personally devastated I am by this news. I was really looking forward to counting precisely how many members of the Toronto Maple Leafs own ugly-ass Gucci slide sandals.


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And Now, A Cocktail Recipe

It’s summer, and it’s hot, and social distancing is tedious, so I strongly recommend hauling out an ice pop mold and making yourself a spiked popsicle. The strawberry-Aperol pops I made on Friday were a key ingredient in me surviving this weekend’s fireworks.