Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s game day, and the Maple Leafs will take on the Montreal Canadiens tonight at 7:00PM in game five of the first round series that the Maple Leafs lead 3-1. It could be elimination night  for the Canadiens who have really put in a lackluster effort, aside from Carey Price.

One thing we always wonder about during the playoffs is who will win the Conn Smythe trophy as playoff MVP. Now, we know this will be a Maple Leaf because it’s rare for someone from the losing team to win the trophy, though it has happened five times in the past - every time won by the goalie for the losing team.

Only one Maple Leaf has won the trophy, which was donated to the NHL by Maple Leafs Gardens in 1964, and Dave Keon was that player in 1967. Now we have to figure out who the second Maple Leaf to win the award will be.

To me there is just two candidates so far, but we’ll look at the top three so far.

I would give third place to Alex Kerfoot. A surprising name when you consider I wouldn’t put wither Auston Matthews of Mitch Marner on the Conn Smythe watch list. He’s been setting up goals with four assists and has one goal to go along with them. All points are at even strength as well.

The runner-up is William Nylander, who has scored a goal in every playoff game so far, and has five points in four games total. He has four goals and the entire Montreal Canadiens team has scored four goals this series. Nylander has been having a great playoff so far and will certainly be in the running for MVP if he keeps this up.

Kristen Shilton: William Nylander’s strong postseason start fuelled by past painful losses -

It’s an obvious choice but if we were to award a playoff MVP for the Maple Leafs right now it’s Jack Campbell. A career back up until this season, Campbell began it with the Leafs by winning eleven straight games, and after giving up two goals in game one he’s allowed only two more goals in games two to four, including a 32-save shutout on Tuesday night to put the Leafs up 3-1 in game two of a back-to-back even. It hasn’t been an easy go for Campbell and he’s had to make some amazing saves, but he’s done everything the Leafs have asked of him and bailed them out multiple times.

Jack Campbell is the Leafs playoff MVP so far, and if they go all the way it will be on his back.

Now, some news.

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The Islanders eliminated the Penguins last night so we have a Bruins vs Islanders round two on the way. Go Meteor!

John Tavares will match your charitable donations! He was also up and about at the Leafs practice rink and has been texting the Leafs players pre-game with advice. He’s the captain we’ve always wanted to see on the Leafs.

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They’re not a club, they’re a team.

Games at 7.

Go Leafs Go!