The NHL Network published a ranking on the weeeknd:  #NHLTopPlayers: Top 20 Wings. First, yes, they used a hashtag in the headline. You will know this is no longer a good Maple Leafs blog if we start doing that. Second, their list features only one winger on the Leafs, and that is Mitch Marner at #5.

I can totally see Marner’s agent emailing that link to Kyle Dubas with the subject line “ALL THE MONIES.”

But then Dubas would write back “a little busy right now,” and add one of these photos.

Anyway, enough with the rankings and silly summer filler content.

Now let’s rank the top chicken wings.

  1. Jerk
  2. Classic Buffalo with Blue Cheese dip
  3. Tandoori
  4. Chipotle Maple
  5. BBQ

This list is definitive and final. If you disagree with me your opinion is wrong and you should feel bad.

Other News

Mike Babcock spent the weekend giving Ilya Mikheyev a tour of the top five attractions of Etobicoke, which included this Standard Oil gas station (you knew that’s what Ess-O means, right?)

I assumed he ended the tour at the Blue Goose, but then I read they have shut down for a property redevelopment. Too bad. Their chicken wings were good.

ECHL commissioner on potential expansion to Trois-Rivières - Eyes On The Prize
"The expansion process from our standpoint is a few months, but the key for the ownership group is not just the expansion process, but their team management process in terms of getting sponsors and season ticket holders, launching a brand, jerseys, all the things associated with launching a team."

The Stars’ Invisible Superstar - Defending Big D
While Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin get all the accolades, Alexander Radulov is quietly also the superstar.

Masterton Trophy engraving mistakes Islanders for Rangers - Lighthouse Hockey
The Masterton Trophy Robin Lehner received has a rather egregious - and nigh unconscionable - typo.

You can easily anticipate what happens in this clip, but the payoff when it does happen is still worth watching it through.

Our Top 25 Under 25 series continues this week with #16 through #12, and a special bonus list today!

Top 25 Under 25: Joseph Woll roars up to #16
Top 5 Over 25: The annual look at the old men of the Maple Leafs

Is Species’ wing ranking correct?

Species is exactly right, as always.19
Species has once again lost all credibility.102
Can anyone recommend a good chicken wing blog?80