Every Leafs fan will be getting out their set of binoculars to see whether 1) Auston Matthews returns to practice or 2) a Mr. Nikita Soshnikov is back on the roster.

Today is the deadline for the team to call up the 24-year-old or run the risk of him returning to the KHL on loan. Considering Soshnikov has been on a tear with the Marlies lately, and he’s shown to be a serviceable player at the NHL level, the decision is going to be pretty obvious.

Matthews skated on his own before Monday’s practice, but for now, the wait continues.

Mark Masters tweeted that the plan will be to have Matthews skate again today and then hopefully take part in Wednesday’s practice. Fingers crossed though. The Leafs have managed to go 3-0 without 34 in the lineup, but the team is missing his presence in some regards.

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Finally, we need to give a round of applause to the people inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame last night. All of them had spectacular careers, and if the Leafs trend the way we hope, we could see some of them joining their ranks.

Enjoy your Tuesday! Keep on Be-Leafing.