The Leafs are 9-2-1 after 12 games and based on my “model” (using the term loosely), they’re in a great position to qualify for the playoffs. In case you missed it, I looked at how teams in the past have performed in a shortened season and determined the minimum number of points the Leafs need in the first half.

What to expect in a shortened season

That doesn’t change the fact that the hockey gods need to take a step back here and chill.

The word “health” was thrown around way too much ahead of the season. “Health will be important in a year like this,” “I’ve never felt so healthy before in my career,” “The only thing that can get in the Leafs’ way is health,” “Health is the only-,” you get the point.

Wayne Simmonds marks the sixth Leaf who has had to miss games due to injury along with Nick Robertson, Joe Thornton, Jack Campbell and Auston Matthews. Luckily, Matthews wasn’t out long-term, only missing a game before he chose violence, being the first in the league to reach double-digit goals.

I know it seems pessimistic to focus on the injuries when the team is winning games and dominating those who are built to be dominated, but still, the hockey gods need to chill.

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