Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

I know it can be hard to keep track these days, but today is MONDAY APRIL 13TH, 2020.

Also, I have actual, honest to goodness Maple Leafs news for you! It seems that the overshadowed Maple Leafs prospect named Nick received a big honour over the weekend, and was named to the 2020 NCAA All American team. Like any leagues end of season All-Star Team, the All-American team has two tiers and Abruzzese was named to the second team.

The announcement came during the 2020 Hobey Baker AWard announcement naming the best NCAA men’s hockey player of the season. Abruzzese was nominated for this award as well - a great honour for a freshman - but the award went to St. Louis Blues prospect Scott Perunovich from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Abruzzese had one heck of a freshman season at Harvard, scoring 14 goals and 30 assists for 44 points in 31 games. His 1.4 points per game rate was just under Nick Robertson’s 1.8PPG, but Abruzzese was one of the youngest players in his league where Robertson was at the median age, but we’ll compare the two later.

If you would like more Abruzzese content, here’s  a sit down with him at Leafs development camp, as well as his season highlights.

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Annnnd my news feed isn’t loading for non-Leafs news, which clearly means there isn’t any.

Enjoy your day everyone!