Hello Toronto Maple Leafs fans! Are we ready for another week of game-free nights that ends with everyone finding the tiniest of minutia to argue about? Boy am I ever excited to argue a out why borderline NHL player A is a better option for the 13th forward than borderline NHL player B. What a joy!

The next game is Thursday night against the Ottawa Senators, so carry that looming dread with you. Anyway, here’s some stuff I found online while nursing a sore back I got from making my house look presentable enough for some sucker nice person to buy. Yeah, I have a house, I’m one of the good early millennials who still got to do stuff like that.

Did you know that Travis Boyd is on waivers? I barely knew he was on the roster.

Travis Boyd on Waivers

Some ding-dong wants the Leafs to get Jonathan Quick? Like the one on the LA Kings? Who hasn’t had a save percentage over .910 in three seasons? Who’s still has a $5.8 million cap hit for this seasons and two more? To the Leafs who are cap strapped?

Sunday Best: Quick an option for Maple Leafs? — The Fourth Period

Do the Leafs make trades? For these players?

On Mattias Ekholm, Mikael Granlund, Taylor Hall, and Toronto Maple Leafs' Deadline Decisions

Speaking of Mikeal Granlund, he’s been moved to the scratch and dent section of the trade store.

In news from the department of “Niagara IceDogs the Maple Leafs would have drafted if those jerks the LA Kings didn’t take them in the pick right before the Leafs had”

But Sean Durzi got us Jake Muzzin, so okay I guess.

The smart people at Cap Friendly noted some moves:

Are they bad? The other divisions don’t exist for me.

The Flyers need a coaching change

I didn’t read this, but I enjoy the headline.

Sharks mad at NHL officials for using rule book

Okay folks, enjoy your day and remember, don’t argue about anything worthwhile.