Last week, when the Leafs waived Jimmy Vesey, Kyle Dubas said the reason was roster flexibility. He got a little more than he bargained for when Vesey was claimed by the Canucks, and is trying again. The Leafs could definitely benefit from a player who can move between the Taxi Squad and the NHL while waivers exempt.

Boyd, who has played to varying reviews on the fourth line, has cleared waivers in the last two seasons, the most recent time on the Leafs just before opening day. The Washington Capitals put him through last season in the big rush around the season opener, as well.

Like Vesey, he is a capable enough depth NHLer on a low contract, and a Canadian team might snap him up. But for the Leafs, now with no one on LTIR, they need someone to move up and down to bank a little cap space every off day. With four off days beginning today, this is not so surprising a move.

Alex Barabanov remains as a waivers-exempt forward on the squad, but the other choices are prospects like Nick Robertson, who will need to be either promoted to the NHL or let go once the OHL begins soon, or Nic Petan, who seems to clear with no problem.

This move might be mostly aimed at getting Barabanov back on the roster for games after his excellent AHL performance. So, I’m sorry, it’s not really a sign a trade is coming.

We’ll let you know tomorrow if someone claims Boyd.