Welcome to playoff hockey without the Maple Leafs. While the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs started yesterday, the Maple Leafs were busy cleaning out their lockers.

Here’s the video of Auston Matthews and Kyle Dubas’ season ending press availability. The message is the simple, and expected one. “You learn from it and get excited for next season.”

A lot of questions are the kind asked to generate filler quotes: “Is it hard to know the next round is starting and you are not going to be a part of it (and can you provide at least a 60-word answer to fill space in my column)?” Matthews looks exasperated near the end of this (edited) clip. There is an epic ‘is this over yet’ sigh at 2:07 of the video that you have see.

Down the street, there’s still hockey going on.

The Marlies will open their division final series against the Cleveland Monsters (Blue Jackets affiliates) on Wednesday next week. That’s a good week off for the team to rest and get ready for a team that could challenge for the Calder Cup.

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Other News

Ugh. The Bruins won again too. The Blue Jackets made a great effort to stop them, but. Ugh. Just ugh.

The Blues kicked-off their series against the Stars and they won the first game. It was a night Jason Dickinson will remember.

The IIHF World Championship starts in two weeks in Slovakia. We know at least one member of the Maple Leafs is going.

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