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Ian Scott injured in the Prince Albert Raiders home opener

Tough break fro the Leafs’ youngest goalie prospect.

2017 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Photo by Mathieu Belanger/Getty Images

Prince Albert of the WHL faced Moose Jaw in their home opener last night, and they lost it 3-0. They lost something a little more important in the third period, however.

Moose Jaw’s second goal was a deflection off the skate of a Raiders player in front of Scott, at 0:56 of the third period. Justin Almeida was credited with the score.

Fourteen seconds later, Scott went down with an injury after he appeared to overextend his right leg, trying to make a play on a shot from the Warriors.

“He moved quickly, and it’s a lower body injury. Those aren’t good on a goaltender. It’s the way it is and we’ll see how it goes,” [coach Marc] Habscheid said.

Note: the Prince Albert Daily Herald disables cut and paste, so the above was hand transcribed. Any errors or omissions are mine, but I did try to include all the grammatical errors in the original.

There is no word on how long Scott will be out, when we have that, we’ll update you. Considering the official game recap doesn’t mention his name, that might be a while.