There's not much going on, but a reference to Mike Babcock speaking from Moscow when Bryan Murray passed away raised my eyebrow.

Babcock joked with Darren Dreger in Paris during the World Championships that he hadn't brought his wife with him, and I was worried he thought a trip to Moscow might make up for that. It turns out it wasn't his wife with him, but Lou Lamoriello.

The Russian report on this is here. and Raw Charge has a good report with a translation of that article.

Igor Ozhiganov is a right-shooting defender, soon to be 25, with some point scoring ability,who seems to have been CSKA's second pair man two years ago behind Nikita Zaitsev. I will confess to you that I watched Zaitsev so closely, the rest of the team (save Alex Radulov) failed to make much impression.

Ozhiganov's season last year without Zaitsev was also good, and CSKA had three defenders, including him, in their top 10 by points.

As it happens, Yegor Korshkov and Lokomotiv play CSKA today. I'll take a look at Igor while I'm watching Yegor.

Noted good interview subject Nikita Kucherov spoke up about Ozhiganov though. He said this recently (translated professionally at Raw Charge):

Kucherov: I always say this to the Lightning; not only about Gusev, but about Igor Ozhiganov too. It’s not about our friendship. Both are great players, they could help Tampa to win a Stanley Cup. I wouldn’t have recommended them if they weren’t able to. By the way, I spoke to them about taking their chances in the NHL. It’s an opportunity to play against the best players in the world. We have known each other since childhood, it would be great to win the Stanley Cup together

Justin Bourne posted an article about three Marlies who are NHL ready, or nearly so and included Carl Grundström. Then he tweeted this.

I can speculate that his information there is good, and it fits with what Grundström and Frölunda are actually doing right now — playing pre-season hockey. But I don't know any details about why. SHL contract, something in the transfer agreement, don't know.

Kevin McGran has an interestingly timed interview with Lamoriello. He gives most of his usual talking points, but he does confirm that the jersey number switch up is a go.

Patrick Marleau gets 12. Brown, who no one is acting at all like he's not under contract, but there's no news there, gets his old junior number 28. Kapanen, if he's on the Leafs, will take his dad's old number 24. All as expected.

Interestingly, McGrann also seems to assume Grundström will be on the Marlies.

The Swedish invasion has begun with Calle Rosén leaving Stockholm to fly to Toronto.