Wow, this week ended with a bang, eh? Doing the Toronto Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25, we get to share some opinions that we’ve been hanging on to for a long, long, time, and Hardev unleashed his. Not sure what that means? Let’s get to the recap.

#16 - Joseph Woll

Top 25 Under 25: Joseph Woll roars up to #16

Woll’s final season in the NCAA with Boston College was little different from the two that came before it when judged by the broad strokes of all-situations save percentage. He played 34, 30 and 37 games in his three years there and had a save percentage of .913, .915 and .919. He was 28th in the NCAA in save percentage last year, and only moves up a few spots if you remove goalies who played fewer than half the games available. So exactly the same relative to his peers and the previous year.

Random comment:

I think his ranking is about right and he’s the best goaltending prospect in the system. As noted, BC was terrible, however, Woll was able to maintain a ~0.92% save percentage and ~2.4 GAA, all while facing more than 1,000 shots on the season (10th highest shots against in the NCAA).

He plays a much more controlled style and seems well prepared/positioned for the second and third shot attempts.

-The Norris

#15 - Mac Hollowell

Top 25 Under 25: Mac Hollowell grabs #15 after a great season

This coming season, Hollowell will return to the Marlies where he may again be asked to play top 4 minutes. On the one hand, the path seems clear for him after both Rosen and Borgman were traded away, and LoVerde moved on. On the other hand, the Leafs also signed a lot of other depth defenseman: Teemu Kivihalme was signed out of Finland, Kevin Gravel was signed as a free agent, Ben Harpur was acquired in the Zaitsev trade, and there are the returning Jesper Lindgren and Joseph Duszak.

Random Comment

He looks like a young Bozak imo.

May he earn his cup on the team that drafted him.

- Wallin Apologist

#14 - Ilya Mikhheyev

Top 25 Under 25: Ilya Mikheyev arrives at #14

So is that what Mikheyev is, an overlooked player of NHL quality? Our voters are on the fence. We almost unanimously ranked him somewhere, but with a spread of 12 spots in the rankings, that’s hardly a unanimous opinion on his value. If the question being asked when we rank a player is, “What is this one player’s value relative to all the others?” we can’t really answer that with Mikheyev. He’s not an established KHL star like Nikita Gusev, he’s more nebulous a talent. So when we’re asked to rank him, I think the question we answered was really, “What are his chances of success in the NHL?”

Random Comment

He’ll have a shot at a job in camp simply due to Hyman’s injury, since it’s very likely one of him or Moore will get a top 6 opportunity.

That is unless Kapanen moves over to the LW, which I don’t see happening.

- the_humousisironic

#13 - Nic Petan

Top 25 Under 25: Nic Petan is lucky #13

The Toronto Maple Leafs only made one move on deadline day in 2019, and it was to bring winger Nic Petan to Toronto from the Winnipeg Jets*, in exchange for sometimes fourth line centre Par Lindholm. Moving Lindholm gave Frederik Gauthier the bottom centre role, and bringing in Petan gave Justin Holl a friend to share the press box with.

Random Comment

Nic Petan
Nic Petan
Everyone’s singing Nic Petan
It’s my fault
So they say
Will this bit ever go away?
…please don’t trade Nic Petan

- Zone Entry

#12 - Jeremy Bracco

Throughout the season, when Keefe gave his post-game interviews, he was very specific in calling out positives in Bracco’s offensive game, and not in other areas of the ice, even when directly asked about them. Keefe is a very smart man and I trust his hockey opinion to a very high degree, he doesn’t just say things to say them. The fact that he only focused on that one area of Bracco’s game meant something.

Random Comment

This comment section is like a microcosm of Leafs fandom. Loud shouting about a player that (almost) nobody really knows anything about, and who is probably completely insignificant to this team over the medium-long term. His chances of making the Leafs as a regular are low, and making them as anything more than a marginal 4th liner are even lower.

I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in 1-2 years when we trade Bracco for a 3rd rounder. People are going to lose their god damned minds!

- Shield

Hardev hates Bracco! You heard it here folks! Alright, assuming you read all of those articles, let’s check out the community vote.

#16 - Andreas Borgman, D, Traded to St. Louis Blues

Highest Rank: 4 (1 vote)
Lowest Rank: 25 (8)
Number of Votes: 297/424
2018 Community vote: #11

This is the problem with trades mid-vote isn’t it? Borgman was traded to the St. Louis Blues for Jordan Schmaltz in early July, but it was too late for many of you. If Borgman was taken off the list, everyone behind him would be bumped up a spot and Mikko Kokkonen would be the community’s #25.

#15 - Ilya Mikheyev - 24, RW, Avangard Omsk - KHL

Highest Rank: 5 (1 vote)
Lowest Rank: 25 (6)
Number of Votes: 291/424
2018 Community vote: Not Ranked

The newest player to inspire fear of Babcockian love came in at #15 for you all, while he was our #14. Not too far off from each other. The hive mind buzzes again.

#14 - Nic Petan - 24, W/C, Winnipeg Jets*/Toronto Maple Leafs - NHL

Highest Rank: 8 (3 votes)
Lowest Rank: 25 (6)
Number of Votes: 298/424
2018 Community vote: Not Ranked

The tweener forward was one spot off of your list as well. He’s an interesting case, a good training camp player to watch,

#13 - Ian Scott - 20, G, Prince Albert Raiders - WHL

Highest Rank: 2 (1 vote)
Lowest Rank: 25 (6)
Number of Votes: 327/424
2018 Community vote: Not Ranked

The first player to get 300+ votes from everyone and he wasn’t ranked last year! Everyone loves a goalie who wins championships and can score goals.

#12 - Joseph Woll - 21, G, Boston College - NCAA

Highest Rank: 8 (3 votes)
Lowest Rank: 25 (6)
Number of Votes: 331/424
2018 Community vote: #21

Woll jumps up 11 spots this year and the promise of AHL action has a lot of people believing.

Well, clearly you all think Jeremy Bracco is one of the top Leafs under 25 since he hasn’t shown up on the community vote yet. Where will he be?

Where will Jeremy Bracco place?