They say the basics of reporting come from the five W’s:

Who is the subject?

What is happening?

Where is this happening?

When is it happening?

Why is it happening?

I’m here to answer these questions for you about this year’s Top 25 Under 25 series.

What is happening?

If you’ve been around Pension Plan Puppets: A Toronto Maple Leafs Community for a few years you’ll know that each year we take some time and rank the Top 25 Toronto Maple Leafs that are under 25 years of age.

Where is this happening?

It’s all going own right here at, and all stories related to the series can be found under the Top 25 tag.

There have already been a few stories out, exhibition games if you will, in the lead up to the big reveal.

Visualizing the T25U25 eligible players
Justin Brazeau: The Marlies’ Big Project
T25U25: Our History of Horrifying Mistakes
The 2019 Top 25 Under 25 Community Vote

Why is this happening?

Well, to be honest, it’s great summer content. Free agency has passed us by, most of the trades have taken place, and everyone’s off for a month of vacation before the pre-season work begins.

If we didn’t have this series the site would collapse under the weight of summer boredom and Mitchell Marner contract speculation.

Also, it can be a lot of fun to argue about prospects that will probably never see the NHL, and learn about recent draft picks and be reminded about guys you forgot. Remember Fabrice Herzog? I didn’t think so.

Who are the subjects?

There are 49 players eligible for the Top 25 this year. All players had to be under 25 as of July 1st, 2019 and their NHL rights controlled by the Maple Leafs. This does exclude any player who signed an AHL/ECHL contract as a free agent, since they are still technically NHL free agents.

The players on the list have been drafted by the Maple Leafs, acquired in a trade, or signed as free agents to NHL contracts:

2019 T25U25 Eligible Players

PlayerPositionBirth Date
Aaron LuchukCApril 5, 1997
Adam BrooksCMay 6, 1996
Alexander KerfootCAugust 11, 1994
Andreas BorgmanDJune 18, 1995
Andreas JohnssonWNovember 21, 1994
Auston MatthewsCSeptember 17, 1997
Ben HarpurDJanuary 12, 1995
Dakota JoshuaCMay 15, 1996
Eemeli RasanenDApril 6, 1999
Egor KorshkovWJuly 10, 1996
Fabrice HerzogWDecember 9, 1994
Filip KralDOctober 20, 1999
Frederik GauthierCApril 26, 1995
Ian ScottGJanuary 11, 1999
Ilya MikheyevWOctober 10, 1994
JD GreenwayDApril 27, 1998
Jeremy BraccoWMarch 17, 1997
Jesper LindgrenDMay 19, 1997
Joseph DuszakDJuly 22, 1997
Joseph WollGJuly 12, 1998
Kalle LoponenDMarch 13, 2001
Kasperi KapanenWJuly 23, 1996
Mac HollowellDSeptember 26, 1998
Martins DzierkalsWApril 4, 1997
Mason MarchmentWMarch 6, 1995
Michael KosterDApril 13, 2001
Mikhail AbramovCMarch 26, 2001
Mikko KokkonenDJanuary 18, 2001
Mitch MarnerWMay 5, 1997
Nic PetanCMarch 22, 1995
Nicholas Abruzzese CJune 4, 1999
Nicholas RobertsonWSeptember 11, 2001
Nikolai ChebykinWAugust 1, 1997
Pierre EngvallWMay 31, 1996
Pontus HolmbergWMarch 9, 1999
Rasmus SandinDMarch 7, 2000
Riley StottsCJanuary 5, 2000
Ryan O’ConnellDApril 25, 1999
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevCSeptember 15, 2000
Semyon KizimovWJanuary 19, 2000
Teemu KivihalmeDJune 14, 1995
Timothy LiljegrenDApril 30, 1999
Travis DermottDDecember 22, 1996
Trevor MooreWMarch 31, 1995
Vladimir BobylevWApril 18, 1997
Vladislav KaraCApril 20, 1998
William NylanderWMay 1, 1996
Zachary BouthillierGNovember 8, 1999
Dmytro TimashovWOctober 1, 1996

Who’s doing the voting?

This year we have seventeen voters and to help keep the hive mind at bay, half of them aren’t writers here.

El Seldo: That’s me! I’ve been with PPP for a long time; I started commenting on the first T25 and now I’m the one begging people to get their votes in.

KatyaKnappe: Our glorious Managing Editor. The Shanahan with the Shanappplan. The one who reminds me of the players I left off the list.

Arvind: Arvind is one of those writers who prefers quality over quantity, only showing us his best work. He’s also one half of the Back to Excited team.

Acting the Fulemin: A walking example to not tie your blogger name to a specific player, he’s the other half of back to excited and a man of many, many, many, words. None of those words explain why I’m banned from Back to Excited, but whatever, it’s fine.

Omar: Omar bails me out of having to write a lot of words when doing recaps with his awesome GIF making.

Hardev: He follows me from blog to blog, just adores me. One of our Marlies experts and you can also find him at Mile High Hockey and Raw Charge.

Species1967: Another Marlies expert, he also travels to exotic locales like Brampton to give us some good ECHL coverage every once in a while. He makes sure the wheels stay greased and the FTB schedule is filled.

Brigstew: You know him, he’s the one who can’t use ‘z’ to skip comments properly.

Kevin Papetti: He’s abandoned us for Maple Leafs Hot Stove, but that’s fine. We’re not that mad.

After we got the past voters on the list, we decided to open things up and invite some others into the fold.

rahef: When it was asked who should we invite to participate in the main list, Rahef was one of first names brought up. A good, fun, twitter follow.

Emily Jo: A Seattle based hockey fan who enjoys dogs and analytics. If you like how she voted, check out and if you don’t, then just move on.

Will Scouch: Usually busy offering great prospects coverage at, Will has great insights into the players we demand turn into superstars, even if the news isn’t good.

The Real Gud Pros: A great Maple Leafs focused podcast, the Pros - Helen, Mel, and J will be picking out their favourites.

Then, we decided to have a crossover episode with Raptors HQ to have some of that championship luck rub off on the Leafs.

Daniel Hackett: Staff writer over at Raptors HQ. He's the one to go to for cap and stats info.

Gabe Nisker: A contributor at Raptors HQ. You can also find him at McGill University helping to run the McGill Tribune.

When is this happening?

As I said, next week. Overall the whole series will run from July 22nd to August 30th; ending as usual before training camp begins. Posts go up Monday to Friday with Saturdays reserved for revealing the community vote. Go outside or something on Sundays.

Finally, if you haven’t voted in the Community Vote, please do so. It’s great to have so much interaction with this series.