Free agency rumours are sort of like weather reports mixed with gossip about who your coworkers are dating — not necessarily reliable, even if they’re true.

Today’s rumour roundup involves Brian Boyle, Matt Hunwick, and everyone’s favourite fantasy centre acquisition, Joe Thornton.

Matt Hunwick to the Canucks makes sense. They need defence depth, and if there were five Matt Hunwicks they could probably sign them all and be better off.  He would get to live in Vancouver, and likely get more money and ice time than the Leafs would offer him.

Brian Boyle to who knows where, but not Toronto, also makes sense in a lot of ways. If the Leafs have said no to even trying to re-sign him, and we don’t know that, they had better have a backup plan for 4C.  Wags finger.

And the LA Kings are said to be in on signing Joe Thornton.  Isn’t everyone? It would be an ideal, yet controversial, fit for Jumbo.  No one hates the Sharks like the Kings, but staying in California would have to be a priority for Thornton.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it about time the Leafs acquired someone, anyone, even a backup goalie?  It seems the holes in the lineup just sit there unfilled. Or maybe I’m just impatient.

Are you fine with a third pair of Marincin and Marchenko?

Sounds iffy.1259
Only as long as you don’t call them MarMarMar.266