Please don’t get goalied again.



Not inspiring confidence...

Fourth line doing good work

Halfway through the period and it’s been pretty close, with not a lot going on offensively either way. Leafs do own a slight edge in shot attempts and expected goal share.

Third line is getting their chances too

GOAL: Dermott turnover leads to Ehlers snipe on a 3 on 1, makes it 1-0 Jets

The Leafs had been dominating play before then, not allowing the Jets a shot on net for 8 minutes before the goal. Copp had a dangerous chance right after in the slot, but Freddie was able to make the stop.

The Leafs are getting their chances, just not scoring on them.

First Period Thoughts:

  • Offense: The Leafs had some stretches of looking dominant offensively, and finished the period with 20 shot attempts and 5 high danger scoring chances.
  • Defense: The Leafs also looked mostly good defensively, giving up only 11 shot attempts and the one dangerous scoring chance. Problem was, that chance was a 3 on 1 caused by a turnover that wound up in the back of the net.
  • Special teams: No penalties either side.
  • Heatmap: /


God I love Brodie...

GOAL: Mitch Marner cracks the Hellecode, Leafs tie it 1-1

Freddie should have had that! Oh, he did have it. Nevermind.

Hellebuyck is so good that every Leafs breakaway may as well be done by Mikheyev.

GOAL: Andersen intentionally scored on his own net then kicked a puppy. 2-1 Jets.

Some bad pinch/covering between Holl and Vesey.

Connor Hellebuyck can go away any time now.

Second Period Thoughts:

First, an aside. That may be one of the most ridiculous performances by a goalie in a period that I’ve ever seen. We’ll see if he keeps it up for the whole period, but Hellebuyck is stealing this game so far. Plain and simple.

  • Offense: The Leafs had 21 shot attempts and 7 high danger scoring chances at even strength. In all situations, they’ve controlled 66% of shot attempts and 71% of expected goals.
  • Defense: The Leafs gave up 13 shot attempts and 3 high danger scoring chances. They were the better team in that period. But Hellebuyck is other-worldly right now.
  • Special teams: Both teams got a powerplay, neither team scored. Call it a wash.
  • Heatmap: /


Andersen FINALLY makes a save for the Leafs, the bum.

GOAL: Hellebuyck lets in a makeable save, Nylander ties it 2-2.

Freddie actually made a save for the first time in his life.

Well we had a fun but brief period of time when Hellebuyck was letting in goals while it lasted.

GOAL: Hellebuyck whiffs on another makeable save on Mikheyev, Leafs leading 3-2

GOAL: Don’t ask me the details, just know that the Jets scoring here is 100% Katya’s fault. Andersen was innocent on this one. 3-3 Tie Game.

To overtime we go!


Final Thoughts:

  • Offense: The Leafs were the better team in this one, by a pretty wide margin. They had 65% of the shot attempts and 69% (nice) of the expected goals.
  • Defense: They were fine, except when they kept giving up odd man rushes.
  • Special teams: They did their job on the PK, at least.
  • Heatmap:/