With AHL training camps about to officially open, the Toronto Marlies have announced their training camp roster:

Some of the most recent cuts from the Maple Leafs are here: Pavel Gogolev and Filip Král. Mysteriously missing is Teemu Kivihalme, who cleared waivers a few days ago.

Alex Steeves, who was hurt in Traverse City is on the injured list with Ben Finkelstein, and Antti Suomela. Suomela was acquired by the Leafs last year in one of their deadline trades, and they signed him to an AHL deal to start this season. This is the first we’ve heard he’s injured.

PTO goalie Evan Cormier joins AHL-signing Keith Petruzzelli are the only goalies, with both Ian Scott and Joe Woll still on the Maple Leafs roster and hurt, there seems to be a need to make Cormier permanent or find someone else. The rest of the PTOs, all forwards, are ECHL-contracted players, who will return to the Growlers once camp is over.

This roster should balloon up as cuts are made, particularly on defence, where there is enough talent to come to send this entire quintet to the Growlers.