Today the Toronto Marlies announced they have signed Western Michigan centre Colton Conrad to a two year AHL contract to begin in the 2019-20 season.

Who is this guy?

Well, he’s been playing centre at Western Michigan University for the past four seasons, and was an alternate captain this past year. The WMU Broncos were eliminated from the NCHC hockey playoffs by Colorado College last weekend.

He was Western Michigan’s top scorer this season, and even got a free trip to Switzerland over his winter break when he was named to Canada’s Spengler Cup team where he had one assist.

SB Nation College Hockey scouted him back in 2017:

Conrad is a magician with the puck on his stick. He has great hands, which gives him the ability to skate the puck through defenders, and create space for himself to make plays. He’s very tough to stop one-on-one and it’s very hard to get the puck off of him.


There are guys that play in the NHL at Conrad’s size, but they are typically speed-burners, and that isn’t Conrad. He’s got decent footwork and agility, but he’s not a particularly fast skater.

SBN CH said they’d pass on him at the draft, which is what most teams did. Hopefully his skating has improved since this was written.

Conrad will join the Marlies on an Amateur Try-Out contract for the remainder of this season before his AHL contract kicks in this fall.

Before you see him at the Coca~Cola Coliseum, the next Marlies home game is tomorrow night at 5PM, check out his highlights here: