We already told you about Leafs draft pick Zachary Bouthillier joining the Newfoundland Growlers on an ECHL contract (not a tryout deal) for this season:

Maple Leafs draft pick Zachary Bouthillier signs with the Growlers

He hasn’t appeared in a game for the Growlers, who have been busily nailing down their division championship, but now he’s on an ATO with the Marlies. There isn’t much room to get in a game there either, with the Marlies not having clinched the playoffs yet. They will do so, but the point of ATOs at this time of the year is often the practice time, and the opportunity for the organization to get a really good look at their prospects or their potential signings.

The other two players added today are:

Alex Basso

Basso is 25 going on 26, and is from London, Ontario home of all the best people, including Nazem Kadri. Basso is a defender (righty of course), who has been playing for Ryerson University for five years. I’m not going to pretend to know how to judge USports points, but his look healthy:

He did some time in the OHL, playing for the Sarnia Sting and the London Knights. That’s a long preliminary career with a late try at going pro, but why not give it a try? Go, Alex, give it your best shot.

Erik Brown

Brown is 23 and a left-shooting left wing. He’s from Keene, Ontario, which likely has the best people in it too. Brown is finishing up four years at RIT, and has a career NCAA points per game of 0.78, which is fair to middling. Trevor Moore’s was 0.99, acquired at an overall younger age.

Welcome to the Marlies, everyone. It looks like we’ll have more news soon: