It's not fair, PWHL New York gets two teams to cheer for them:

If you missed it yesterday, the new Lucky Charms shirts are here:

Not my taste, but if shamrocks are your thing, this looks like a 60s take on the idea to me.

Maybe you like clichés better?

He arrived sick, very efficient.

This is fun:

I noticed this myself very early in Roy's reign, that they were improving defensively. Now maybe that is through keeping the puck alive, but it seems more like people expect Roy to have a certain effect, so they see it, when it's actually the opposite to his traditional style.

Very obvious the Leafs will be signing "Webs" when his season is over. Now the other question is this: They didn't need to paper-trade Dmitry Ovchinnikov to make an SPC space for this guy. They created a second extra one. It's possible they're just looking for future flexibility if they find a FA to sign, but Mike Koster also sees his rights expire this August 15.

I love Koster a lot. He's a real fun player to watch, but I don't buy him as an NHLer. However, he would be an asset to the Marlies. I hope he's the guy they want to sign with the other SPC spot open.

Leafs are letting Mitch Marner take his time:

The Women's NCAA championships brackets have been announced:

2024 NC women’s ice hockey championship: Bracket, schedule, results
The 2024 NC women’s ice hockey championship begins with a selection show on March 10 at noon ET and continues through the national championship game on March 24 at Whittemore Center Arena in Durham, NH.

Some of the graduating players will be declaring for the PWHL draft, in a process that began on March 1 and continues to May 8.

The Men's selection process starts on March 24. The Men's Frozen Four is April 11 and 13.

Interesting article about the opaque complaint investigation process used at Hockey Canada:

Questions mount about firm investigating Hockey Canada abuse claims
A closer inspection of the independent third party that manages and investigates sexual abuse claims on behalf of Hockey Canada has produced more questions than answers

That's it for Tuesday. Have a great day everyone!