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Karri Ramo is at Leafs practice

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And he’s taking batting practice? This is all very confusing.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Calgary Flames
Who is that masked man?

A stranger rode into town out of the west. Or Finland, depending on how you look at it. Everyone said, “Who is that masked man?”

Or, to put it another way:

What? Why?

Oh, okay, that makes sense. We all understand exactly why Brandon Prust is hanging around Leafs practice. This is just like the seventies. No, really, this is just like when the Beatles were recording their hits and half of London were in the studio. Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Marianne Faithfull and Keith Moon are all on “All You Need is Love” singing away.

Not that Prust is really Jagger-esque. Or Ramo for that matter.

Okay, truthfully no one really gets what is going on here. Are the Leafs running a hockey school for borderline NHL players? Or is it more of an employment agency? If you need a guy, do you call Lou? 1-800-RENT-A-PLAYER?

Who knows.

Ramo is without a contract after not having a happy year in Calgary last season. He is also rehabbing an injury. And taking batting practice?

So add pressbox superstar Frankie Corrado, waiver claim Seth Griffith and the sad man on the outside looking in, Peter Holland, and they have quite a group. Surely they’ll cut an album soon.

When Josh Leivo comes back from St. John’s he’s going to be shocked to find they have a new drummer.

Edited to add this clarification:

See? It’s all clear now.