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James Reimer playing his 200th NHL game tonight

Of course, all 200 have been with the Maple Leafs.

Harry How/Getty Images

This won't be the 200th game he's started - it'll be his 181st - but it will be the 200th time James Reimer takes to NHL ice. Originally drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs 99th overall in the 2006 NHL entry draft - and without many notable names after him (although the Leafs also drafted Leo Komarov 180th overall the same year!) - it's been a wild ride for the 27-year-old.

The Leafs are the only organization Reimer has ever known, and as he was acquired in 2006, technically, no other Leaf has been with the organization longer. And it's been a really exciting time since he made his NHL debut in the 2010-11 season! As a 22-year-old posting a .921 save percentage, there was a lot to look forward to as he took over the starter's role. I mean... remember this?

That was almost five years ago? Good lord, how memes fly.

Reimer only matched that .921 save percentage once in the ensuing years, posting a .924 in 2012-13 as he helped lead the Leafs back into the playoffs (where he posted a .923 save percentage against the Boston Bruins over seven games, and that's all we have to say about that).

At least until this season: over 24 games thus far, he's at .932 for his best year yet. He'll be an unrestricted free agent after this season, so that's pretty good timing for him.

The Leafs also interviewed Reimer on his 200th game:

It has been a good run so far. I remember that first game, I don't know if I came in with six or eight or 10 minutes left, I'm not quite sure but it was pretty nerve-wracking for that one. It has been a good couple of years here and it's pretty cool to hit 200.

Good luck tonight, James!