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Vote for Christian Bonin, Marlies photographer!

He takes awesome shots of the Marlies - and absolutely deserves recognition.

Christian Bonin

The above picture was taken by Christian Bonin, photographer for the Toronto Marlies. And hey, what would you know - it's a wonderful shot of Antoine Bibeau as he gets set to take the ice.

There's a photography contest the AHL is holding: it's on Facebook, in which fans "like" their favourite picture to vote, and the picture with the most "likes" is declared the AHL Photo of the Year.

And one of Bonin's pictures is in the contest! It's not the same one as shown above - but it's another incredibly cool shot of Bibeau before a game, standing before a dark Ricoh while O Canada plays. And you should absolutely hop over to "like" it, because it's gorgeous and captures those pre-game moments so perfectly.

All of the photos up for entry are here. The contest ends today, so get going and show these wonderful AHL photographers some love!