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Nazem Kadri likely to finish as Leafs' leading scorer

He has 45 points this season, and that probably isn't going to be topped.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

So, Nazem Kadri's season is over. He's done, and going out in a pretty disgraceful way: two separate fines for diving, followed up by sacrificing even more money by being suspended. And it's not a great look.

It does, however, take away from what he has managed this season. In a year the Maple Leafs were expected to be one of the absolute worst in the NHL (the Oilers aside because, man, the Oilers), Kadri ended up being their leading scorer. And even though he'll be missing the final four games, his 45 points aren't likely to be topped.

Second in Leafs scoring is P.A. Parenteau, who has 38 points. Is he going to score seven or eight points over the next four games? It's certainly possible, but not particularly likely.

So say what you will for point-per-game values - and indeed, Tyler Bozak and James van Riemsdyk would have Kadri beat there - but Kadri will probably be the Leafs' leading scorer of 2015-16.

And that's... not a particularly high number.

Hey, hopefully guys like William Nylander and Mitch Marner will rescue the Leafs from that very, very soon. (And a healthy JvR and the like, too!) This wasn't supposed to be a good season - hopefully that's the last of that.