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Brendan Shanahan takes a page out of Steven Stamkos' book

If you like trolls liking tweets, you'll love these two.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of sports fandom, there are many who are excitable conspiracy theorists. What better way to pass the time than to theorize on every possible move, however probable or improbable, to ensure your team becomes awesome? And the Toronto Maple Leafs could use some of that awesomeness.

Okay, yes, there's Auston Matthews - but let's get more, while we're at it.

You know, another big name centre. Who just so happens to be from the area, and has a history of trolling Leafs fans on Twitter.

Well, it would appear Steven Stamkos isn't alone. Enter: Brendan Shanahan.

brendan shanahan troll

Shanahan, for the record, does follow @Simmsation, but not the dude whose tweet he liked.

He has also recently unliked the tweet, but screenshots never lie, y'all.

The other two likes, back when he was at three, were just a picture he was tagged in of a cute kid who likes the Leafs now, and a Larry Brooks article on the end of the New York Rangers' season, for some reason (and it has also since been unliked).

So if we take everything at face value, Shanahan:

  • Likes adorable young Leafs fans, who all clearly have good taste,
  • Likes keeping tabs on the Rangers, but apparently only the Rangers, just one of six NHL teams he played for,
  • Is totally gonna sign Steven Stamkos this summer.