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Antoine Bibeau talks with Johnny Bower, while Nazem Kadri takes selfies with Carlton

There’s a lot going on at the Leafs & Legends Centennial Golf Classic.

Remember Antoine Bibeau’s new mask? He revealed it last month: the third in a set that honours past great Toronto Maple Leafs goalies. Now it’s Felix Potvin; before, it was Mike Palmateer and... Johnny Bower.

You know, this Johnny Bower.

Do you think they were talking about Bibeau’s old mask? I bet it came up.

Meanwhile, while it doesn’t appear Nazem Kadri got to do something as cool as chat with the guy who was previously paid immense tribute to, he did get to ham it up with Carlton.

He actually posted the selfie, too...

Kickin it with a polar bear

A photo posted by Nazem Kadri (@43kadri) on

Kadri and Carlton: both are fantastic at selfies. It’s an underrated skill, really.