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The ACC ice has a new logo, and it looks fantastic

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The Leafs’ new logo is meeting the ice.

We’re 40-something days away from NHL hockey returning to the Air Canada Centre. Just a little over a month to go, and excitement is definitely ramping up. The Toronto Maple Leafs are continuing their rebuild, and there will be more exciting prospects to watch; we’re about to get another year of Mike Babcock; and oh, yeah - the Leafs have a new look.

A new look for the centennial, and with that is going to come a lot of ceremony. Here’s a key moment in it, though: the Leafs’ new logo is officially at centre ice.

It looks absolutely fantastic out there!

The only question: with World Cup of Hockey games scheduled at the ACC, is the tournament going to be breaking the logo in? There are still two weeks to go before it really gets underway, so plenty of time to get a World Cup logo in - but for now, things look pretty perfect as they are.