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Yes, we are the centre of the universe, and this is why

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Everyone went nuts over Auston Matthews breaking some glass. That is... not normal?


If there’s one thing Canadian sports fans like to do, it’s complain about the amount of coverage devoted solely to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And maybe those people have a point. The Leafs have a bright future ahead of them, but it has been some time since they actually... really did anything of note on the ice. So, fair enough.

On the other hand, when Auston Matthews breaking a pane of glass dominates the entire TSN website... nah.

Okay. In fairness, Matthews was this year’s first overall pick. People would be excited for him, no matter what. But... he’s in Toronto. Not Arizona, not Winnipeg, not even Edmonton, somehow. Otherwise, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Who’s excited to hear every single tiny little detail about the Leafs from here on out this season? Because you’re gonna get it! And we only have ourselves to thank - good job, team.