I can guarantee you this is a stat you didn't know. But those over at the Elias Sports Bureau specialize in finding such stats - and this one so happens to pertain to the Maple Leafs' very own Tyler Bozak.

You see, Bozak has now done something only two other Toronto organization players have ever done: scored two hat tricks all in the third period.

Bozak's first came against the Ottawa Senators last season, back on March 28, when, with the help of James van Riemsdyk, he scored three goals in the third period to force overtime (and an eventual win that he assisted on).

His second came last night in the Leafs' 7-4 victory over the Colorado Avalanche. JvR assisted on two of his three goals, so he remains awesome.

So now, Bozak has a stat he can claim to share with both Babe Dye and Darryl Sittler. Dye scored two third-period hat tricks in his career with the St. Pats; one more for Bozak, and he'll tie Sittler for the Leafs record.

We wish Bozak well in his quest to match this obscure stat. And also for more hat tricks in general, because hat tricks are good.