Remember Nik Antropov? Yeah you do. Former 10th overall pick, spent nine season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, played over 500 games with them and put up nearly 300 points. He was great.

Remember Danil Antropov? Probably not, because there isn't much to remember yet - he's 15 years old and playing his first OJHL season for the Pickering Panthers. But hey - one day you might remember him, because apparently, he's got moves.

Via Mr. Fourth Period, we've got father and son facing off against one another in competition, and it's awesome. Round one kicks off with drawing Carlton, which... Well, you know Carlton's own level of talent, right? Apparently the Leafs are much more accommodating towards him than he is to poor Nik.

There's also the ping pong competition, in which Nik soundly wipes the floor with Danil, and Danil has to pay for it.

But then, there's the hockey stuff. In accuracy shooting, Danil needed just six shots to break all four targets, while his dad went three-for-three and ultimately only needed five. Danil gets his revenge in the shootout, though... and holy crap, do they both ever have great hands.

What's one to do with a tied competition?

Simple: smash eggs against one's head, and loser has the most yolk in his hair. Nobody escapes unscathed, but one does get far more victimized than the other.

So hey, Danil's draft year is just a couple of years from now, in 2018. Maybe a familiar name to keep an eye out for...?