One of the highlights of last season’s Toronto Marlies team was probably the way William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen bonded. It was particularly prominent in their 20 Questions bits, where they interviewed each other.

Well, Nylander has graduated to the NHL, while Kapanen is doing a pretty good job in the AHL, toiling away with 25 points in 25 games. There’s a lot to like there!

And some stuff to learn, too. With no Nylander, this time it was Rich Clune asking Kapanen 20 questions - and while there’s a little less banter, it’s a very rapid-fire way of learning more about the Finn.

Nylander only comes up once during the entire thing - but it’s a great dance move mimic, so it’s pretty worth it.

Also, poor Clune, trying to get in on and form a Clune - Sidney Crosby - Kapanen line. I suppose it would do SOME damage...

Some other highlights: Kapanen’s messed up middle name, how he wears Tie Domi’s old Leafs number but there are still a number of guys he would not want to fight (including Conor McGregor, who becomes a bit of a theme throughout), and what was the prettiest goal he’s ever scored - which is a good, timely question, since you know it was the one that happened almost a year ago.