The Marlies like to have fun when the serious work is done. They got together and wished all of their fans a Happy Holidays, and we get to hear a few languages other than English too.

So now you can say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Finnish!  Okay, neither can I.  If you want to practice, here it is spelled out: Hyvää joulua! Hyvää uutta vuotta!

I tried the Swedish, which Tobias Lindberg manages with ease and Andreas Johnsson does not, proving he’s never worked retail.  It goes like this: God jul och gott nytt år!  It’s a bit of a tongue twister.

Éric Faille, who was recently called up from Orlando, gives us Anglophone Canadians a reminder of how badly we failed French.  Freddie Gauthier makes us feel a little better.  He’s nice like that.

Rinat Valiev looks like he suddenly got stage fright, or was cruelly left on the editing room floor, so we never hear any Russian, which is sad.

Travis Dermott wants us to see how much time he spends in the weight room, and there’s some other fun bits.

Happy Holidays back at you, you multilingual Marlies, just don’t celebrate until after the Boxing Day game, okay?