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The European tournament known as the Champions Hockey League begins today with a slate of games beginning from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.

Frölunda plays ZSC Lions (Auston Matthews’ old team) at 12:30, and Carl Grundström is in his regular pre-season spot on the fourth unit.  Rasmus Dahlin is second unit defence.  Hockey to watch!

Frölunda, with Grundström on the squad, won the tournament last year, and Andreas Johnsson helped them win it the year before, so they are the heavy favourites again.

The CHL has decided to stream all games for free to non-geoblocked locations.  They have a list of broadcasters by country here, so you know how else you can watch.  TSN is listed as carrying some games in Canada, but last year it was the final only.  No one has it in the USA, so you’re free to just watch via the website.  For today, the TV broadcasters are listed here, so all games should be available in Canada.

The first stage of the tournament is a group elimination stage where teams play each member of their group in a home and home set. Two teams advance from each group.  Your next chance to see Frölunda is Saturday or next Thursday.  After that, the return games of the group stage begin in October.