The day has finally arrived, and the Leafs will play hockey tonight. Let's not mention who the opponent is, though.

If you've waited until today to tune into hockey, you've missed a lot so try to catch up here. Today we'll look at how the lineup has changed, and Species has a very special post for you.

This post has the most recent roster, with a couple of changes to come today yet:

Maple Leafs waive Bobby McMann
More waivers.

In other news, the SBA is getting a renovation:

Four ways the Scotiabank Arena renovations will impact the average fan
MLSE is spending more than $350 million on a facelift for the 25-year-old arena. What does that mean for the ticket buyer?

We have trade rumours on day one of the season:

Flyers prepared to weaponize cap — The Fourth Period
The Flyers are in a position to use their salary cap space to their advantage this season, explains TFP’s Anthony Di Marco.

That's it for now, have a great opening day, everyone.