Over what feels like a decade, but was really just two years, the NHL and every newspaper in Canada celebrated the Montreal Canadiens centennial. They were awarded every event shy of an outdoor game that the NHL could give them, and only because outdoor games weren't a multiple times per year thing back then.

Montreal hosted the 2009 All-Star game, 2009 NHL Entry Draft, and was given a special one dollar coin by the Canadian Mint, Postage Stamps from Canada Post, and a special team in NHL 09.

This year the Maple Leafs are kicking off their Centennial celebrations as well. Let's see what is happening for them:

Maybe, possibly, an outdoor game at BMO Field?

Wow, thanks guys.

The 2017 All-Star game is going to LA, and the Draft will be taking place in Chicago. The two most recent Stanley Cup Champions, okay, nice picks, I guess.

No announcements from Canada Post, or the Royal Canadian Mint either. I contacted them and was told they will not disclose anything until it's officially announced. Canada Post said 2017 special items will be announced in the spring, which, okay, but time's a ticking.

The Maple Leafs themselves are celebrating the anniversary (even if they keep phrasing it wrong), but seem to be shut out of any fuss from the NHL or anyone else for that matter.

Yes, they are hosting the 2016 NHL/NHLPA World Cup of Hockey. Yes, Canada's preliminary round games for the 2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships will be played at the Air Canada Centre, but those are financial decisions. There's no other city, aside from probably Buffalo (who's on the Ontario border), where they are guaranteed to sell out of the tickets to these events.

Yes, it is also several teams 50th anniversaries, but the last time I checked, 100 was bigger than 50.

Yes, it's the NHL's 100th anniversary as well, and they want to spread the attention all around the continent, into as many large media markets as possible.

Yes, I understand all of your arguments and the reasons all make a lot of sense.

It still doesn't change the fact that IT'S NOT FAIR MONTREAL GOT ALL THIS STUFF!

[Stomps off to room, slams door, blasts music]