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WJC Schedule: Ian Scott gets the start today, but he knows he’s the number 2 goalie

The final word on who is leading Team Canada was given after the game last night.

Lucas Chudleigh/Apollo Multimedia / Insta: @apollomultimedia11

Team Canada started the tournament yesterday with a 14-0 win over Denmark, and they did it with Michael DiPietro in net. After the game, Team Canada coach, Tim Hunter, confirmed that DiPietro is the number one goalie:

Ian Scott will get the start today as Canada faces Switzerland. That game goes at 8 p.m. Toronto time.

Also on tap tomorrow, Russia plays Denmark at 4 p.m. and Sweden (and Rasmus Sandin and Pontus Holmberg) take on Slovakia at 6:30 p.m. In the late game at 10:30, Kazakhstan plays Finland.

We’ll have a review of yesterday’s action a little later today. See the post linked above for TSN channels.