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Game day chat: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Philadelphia Flyers; will the Leafs bounce back?

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The Maple Leafs' last outing was a 7-0 humiliation against a powerhouse from the west. Will they recover tonight?

There's just so much happening here I can't even.
There's just so much happening here I can't even.
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Maple Leafs vs. Flyera
7:00PM EDT
Air Canada Centre, Toronto
TSN 4 (blackouts in effect?)

Will you be able to watch this game on NHL Gamecentre Live? TSN games have always been blacked out, but Tuesday's was not. We shall see if that was an error by Rogers or not when the game starts!

Here's an interesting story told at last night's Puck Talks by Pierre Lebrun which many seem to have never heard before: Ever wonder why so many hockey players love The Tragically Hip? They played a secret special concert for Team Canada's players before the Salt Lake City Olympics' gold medal game!

Our game preview is here.