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From the Branches: Qualifying Offers and Hall of Fame inductees

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A busy week for the NHL kicks off with Qualifying Offers to RFA's, and the Hall of Fame announcing the next round of inductees.

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Today we find out which prospects that have reached Restricted Free Agency the Leafs will cut loose. Qualifying Offers are due by 5PM EDT. If the Leafs make a bona fide offer the player will stay in their system and can move on to the next steps of accepting the offer or requesting arbitration. If no offer is made the player is released to Free Agency, and can sign with any team.

In case you missed our draft coverage:

1. Auston Matthews (Center)
31. Yegor Korshkov (Winger and possible Center)
57. Carl Grundstrom (Winger)
62. Joseph Woll (Goalie)
72. J. D. Greenway (Defence)
92. Adam Brooks (Center / Winger)
101. Keaton Middleton (Defence)
122. Vladimir Boblyev (Center / Winger)
152. Jack Walker (Winger / Defence)
179. Nicolas Mattinen (Defence)
182.Nikolai Chebykin (Winger

More Leafs News

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Other News

The 2016 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced today at about 3:30PM EDT.

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[Species: They don't mention the NHLPA incident which I believe has an impact on voting.]

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