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Game Day Thread: Maple Leafs ready to blow Hurricanes away

Two losses are enough. The winning begins tonight.

Fuck this guy
Fuck this guy
Harry How/Getty Images

Welcome to your game day thread everyone, I'm your host elseldo. I'm a bad host though, because I won't be watching the game with you. I'm at the Ottawa 67's / Niagara IceDogs game.

Tonight we see what many people ant to see, a Leafs line up without Matt Martin in it. He's a healthy scratch for the first time in his Leafs career. Let's check out those lines again:



Andersen starts

You know who else isn't playing and I've forgotten who was on the team? Roman Polak. Remember him?

Anyway, tonight is your only chance, Babcock says Martin is back in tomorrow, hopefully to fudge up Tom Wilson.

Go Leafs Go and remember: BUDS. ALL. DAY.