The announcements are coming on a team-by-team basis, but season ticket packages for most North American CWHL teams went on sale today.

The one exception is the Canadiennes, who indicated their tickets will go onsale next week, following a “very special announcement”.

Like many other major sports teams, CWHL teams have moved away from physical season tickets. This year, tickets are being sold through and will be sent through e-mail only.  It also appears that extras that were previously available to season ticket holders such as free All-Star Game tickets, “bring a friend” tickets and a one-time-per-season discount on merchandise have all been eliminated.  However the site does note that season ticket holders will receive a “token of appreciation” from their chosen team.

Prices for each team vary according to the number of home games. The Toronto Furies package includes 14 games at the MasterCard Centre for a total of $175.00. The Markham Thunder will play two “neutral site” games this year, meaning they only have 12 home games, coming in at $150.00.  In the past, single game tickets have been $15.00 each, so season ticket holders are looking at a discount of $2.50 a game or over 15 percent.

Furies and Thunder 2018-19 schedule

The two neutral site games for Markham will be their first Clarkson Cup rematch, Thursday October 25 at 7:30 pm against the Shenzhen Rays, in Ancaster, Ontario, and a Sunday  game against the Canadiennes de Montréal on January 27 in Clarington, Ontario. The time for the Clarington game was originally listed as 12:30 pm but is now indicated as TBD.

Rosters for Toronto and Markham have yet to be finalized but it’s a good bet that each team will have multiple Olympians and several NCAA Division I champions on board. The season looks set to be exciting and playoff spots could be up for grabs right to the final weekend.  And hey, you can grab season tickets for less than the price of a decent seat at a Leafs game! Not a bad deal at all.