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Oh, NHL Shop, what did you do now?

Jets fans in Europe are given a very special offer to promote the best player from the 2016 draft.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a Jets fan, and why would you be, but if you are, and you live outside North America, you can buy this great t-shirt:

It’s even on sale in the UK. Go get one: ugly glue-on beard not included.

Now, from time to time at PPP, we’ve pointed out the obvious, that the NHL often under-serves women customers with their products. Not this time, though. This time women in Europe can get an even better shirt:

I mean, that’s awesome, isn’t it? The fans can live in the imaginary world where they got the best player in that draft. They’re still Jets fans though, so it’s got to be small consolation.

Thanks to Patrik Bexell, loyal reader (of Habs Eyes on the Prize) and a man who can actually spell Patrik Laine just fine, unlike the NHL Shop, for bringing this to our attention.