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Newfoundland Growlers jersey is revealed

And you can finally buy gear online with the coolest logo in the ECHL.

Icebergs Off Coast Of Canada’s Newfoundland Draw Tourists To Area
Soon they’ll be on the ice. Get it? Ice...Newfoundland....?
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Today the Newfoundland Growlers released their new jersey designs:

You can see the shoulder patch in the video above, and they explained the meaning of it:

Each of these versions feature the stoic but stern Growlers logo positioned prominently in the middle of the sweater. Both jerseys also don commemorative inaugural season patches on their shoulders. This inaugural season patch, unveiled today showcases a stylized ‘G” centered within the cardinal points and features a highlighted northeastern portion, symbolizing the geographic location of Newfoundland & Labrador.

They also launched their online shop today, and you can order many items and preorder replica jerseys. They did mention on Twitter that hats are currently sold out due to huge popularity, so they will reappear when they have stock.

This dog scarf is my favourite item:

Honourable mention goes to this one: