Newfoundland Growlers

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Coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs ECHL affiliate.

Newfoundland Growlers cease operations

A really sad day for the Leafs organization.

FTB: Growlers get going

The third season of Maple Leafs (ish) hockey begins tonight out on the Atlantic Ocean.

Toronto Marlies re-sign two defenders

Noel Heofenmayer and Matteo Pietroniro are back for another year after a successful Growlers season.

Toronto Marlies sign defender Ben Finkelstein to an AHL deal

The new management of the Marlies make their first move.

Newfoundland Growlers to sit out the 2020-2021 season

They give up the chance to defend their championship to preserve the safety of their players.

Toronto Marlies Re-Sign Scott Pooley

The ex-Growler has made waves on the Marlies.

Maple Leafs Hiatus Pipeline

Who is signed to which team, and where are they going to play?

Toronto Marlies sign D Noel Hoefenmayer and RW Jeremy McKenna to AHL contracts

The Marlies have signed the top overage defenseman in OHL.

ECHL season and playoffs cancelled

This isn’t a hiatus or a suspension — it’s over.

Leafs and Marlies make a minor league deal with the Senators

It’s an AHL swap and an NHL swap, but they’re all likely going to stay in the minors.

Growlers talk: What’s up in Newfoundland?

The Growlers are hosting a host of NHL-contracted players. How is that working out?

Marlies and Growlers training camp rosters are out

There are three NHL-contracted skaters on the Growlers roster.

Marlies pad out their roster with a host of players on tryouts

With cuts from the NHL camp not coming until at least Wednesday, the Marlies will start out with a lot of new faces.

Marlies pick up two ECHLers on tryouts as we await cuts in the NHL

Yet another goalie is coming to Marlies camp.

Toronto Maple Leafs roster breakdown: Goalies

From Freddy Andersen to Maksim Zhukov.

Toronto Marlies sign a pair of defenders to AHL deals

They might be destined for St. John’s, given the Marlies crowded blueline.

Marlies bring back MacMaster, Estephan, and Gudbranson

The Marlies retain the better Gudbranson.

Marlies sign a defenseman, goalie, and re-sign Marcus Power

The Growlers have their best forward back, along with a new defenseman and goalie

Toronto Marlies re-sign some of their ECHL champions to AHL contracts

Rubins, M. Bradley, Ferguson, O’Brien, and Pooley all get contracts.

Get your long weekend hockey schedule, Leafs Fans

There’s hockey all over the place and lots of Leafs prospects and players are on the ice.
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