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2020 NHL CBA

NHL Playoff and Offseason Schedule

How fast is the run to the cup? And then what happens?

2020 CBA: New rules for 35+ contracts solve a few dilemmas

It’s all about LTIR, even though that’s never mentioned.

CBA extension: just the weird stuff

Even in a document as dry as the CBA Memo of Understanding, you can find some amusement. If you work at it.

Contract signing timeline for the 2020 playoffs

New rules are in place for signing players to contracts under the new CBA

NHL CBA Facts and Figures

Just the dollar figures and basic facts of what’s new.

NHL accounting in a pandemic season: divvying up debt instead of dollars

Escrow used to be a way to buy time to get the books balanced, now it’s more about sharing out deferred debt.

NHL Board of Governors, players approve CBA extension

They gave the green light to the return to play formats and protocols along with a six-year extension to the current CBA that starts next season.

Report: Next season might start this year

A new, tighter timeline has been leaked from the new CBA.

2020 NHL CBA Memo of Understanding is ready for voting

Phase 3 and 4 details leaked - CBA negotiations ongoing

In advance of the actual 40-page document, we have a few messages from the other side with some details.

This stream has:

2020 NHL CBA

From negotiation to completion, all the details on the first no-lockout CBA in many years.