I'd like to pause from announcing the winner for a minute to point out how truly disappointed I am in all of you. Not only did Jeffler predict victory and lose in the first round in true Alfredsson spirit but you all let our free copy of NHL 11 go to a Habs fan.

I talked to PPP himself who told me I should ban everyone who entered the tournament but I talked him down and we've decided that you only have to pay a penance: we expect a limerick from the following "randomly selected" suspected Habs sympathizers with topic in parentheses:

CoolJ90 (The shame you've brought to the PPP family by losing)

Jeffler (The shame you've brought to the PPP family by losing and owning a Senators jersey)

puckurgently (Why dating a Montreal fan would be inexcusable, immoral and gross)

CarlPeelash (Your sincere apologies about making PPP cry)

Elie Aintabi wins the copy of NHL 11 which is lame, he could just steal one when Montreal riots over a preseason victory and you all decided to just give him a free copy anyways. This won't stand PPPers.

Soon Rivalspot will allow us the ability to have private tournaments and god help you guys if you don't beat any Habs fans who entered. Keep practicing: tournament 2 is en route and I expect, nay demand a victory.